I am ...

Sundari Bengals welcomes you into the incredible world of Bengals

Sundari Bengals is a small hobby cattery located outside the beautiful historic city of Charleston, South Carolina focusing on brown (black) spotted and black (silver) spotted Bengals.

At Sundari Bengals, we breed to the TICA Bengal standard. We have worked for years building our small program by carefully selecting our current sires and queens based on the breed standard and health. Advocates for health screenings, our sires and dams undergo annual testing for HCM. Screening for HCM is our choice - you will find there is a division among breeders as to whether or not this test is necessary. For us, this information is critical in our program. We also test for Pk-def, PRA-b, and our silvers are tested for PKD.   

It all starts with a mission...

...to breed healthy, beautiful, exotic looking domesticated cats.

... a Sundari Bengal.